our Luxury Boat Tours In Istria

For the perfect golden hour shots

Feel the warmth of the setting sun as it paints the horizon with hues of orange and pink. Sip on fine wine, surrounded by the tranquil waters, and see the stunning scenery of the Istrian coastline from the sea.

for Time-Savvy Mariners

If you are limited by time, and if we are not fully booked for requested days, we can arrange for half day cruises. Please contact us by phone for this option.

Maritime Excursion to italy

Want to visit Venice, Italy for a day? The Black Pearl will take you to Venice in under 3 hours, and you can enjoy the rest of your day exploring one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

History & Scenery Lovers

Want to see the best of Istria? This tour takes you around the most important sights, from the north to the southern-most point of Istria. The choice is yours to make, whether you prefer to spend more time on laid back islands or enjoying cities sightseeing and history.  

Exclusive Islands adventure

We offer three different tours to see the best islands and locations that the north Adriatic offers. Full immersion experience to really make the most of your stay.

Nature Enthusiasts’ Paradise

Explore the famous Istrian National park Brijuni. Enjoy your day in untouched nature, pristine water, wandering around one of the fourteen islands of the national park, learning about history.

Important information about our tours