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Lux Nautic – Your Dream Boat Trip Experience in Rovinj

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure on the sea? Lux Nautic offers you luxurious boat tours from Rovinj, a beautiful seaside town. Our tours take you around breathtaking islands and secluded bays of the north Adriatic Sea.

Jump on board the Black Pearl, our speedy and comfortable yacht, and enjoy a day packed with sun, sea, and stunning views. Whether you want to relax on hidden beaches, swim in crystal clear waters, or explore charming coastal towns, we make sure your day is special.

Book your adventure today and see the best of Croatia from the deck of our luxury yacht!

Skipper and hostess on The Black Pearl, Colnago 35 yacht from Lux Nautic


Why Choose Lux Nautic for Your Boating Adventure?

Unmatched Luxury

Meet the Black Pearl, our Colnago 35 yacht, a perfect blend of style and performance. This yacht is designed for comfort and can carry up to 12 guests plus 2 crew members. It’s great for groups of friends, families, or couples. Onboard, you’ll enjoy comfy seating, a top-quality sound system, and amenities like a shower, toilet, and a shaded area for relaxing. Every detail is crafted to make sure you can relax and enjoy the stunning views comfortably.

Personalized Itineraries

Your day at sea should be exactly as you wish. Want to relax on hidden beaches, explore historic sites, or just enjoy the sea breeze? We can make it happen. You can pick from our planned tours or customize your own. Our flexible plans let you decide how long you want to explore and relax, making sure you get a truly personal experience.

Expert Crew

Safety and a great experience are our top priorities. Our skilled skipper and attentive hostess are with you all the way. They know the local waters very well and are experts at navigating and hosting. They’ll ensure your safety, share interesting stories about the places you visit, and help you find the best spots for fun and relaxation. With their help, you’ll discover the best experiences the Croatian coast has to offer.


Our Exclusive Boat Tours from Rovinj

All-Day Cruiser to Exclusive Islands

Set sail on a day-long adventure with our exclusive island tour around Kvarner Bay. This tour takes you to explore up to six islands including Cres, Lošinj, and Silba, depending on your choice. Spend approximately 7 hours riding through the beautiful blue waters and about 5 hours relaxing and enjoying activities like swimming and diving. The natural beauty and serenity of these islands provide a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Explore more on the Kvarner Bay All-Day Trip page.

History & Scenery Lovers’ Tour

Travel through time along the Istrian peninsula from the comfort of our yacht. This tour offers a blend of historical exploration and scenic indulgence, visiting towns like Rovinj, Vrsar, and Poreč. You can choose to delve into the history of these ancient cities or simply enjoy the stunning views and secluded spots for swimming. Discover more and set sail from the Full Day Cruise Istria page.

Nature Enthusiasts’ Paradise at Brijuni

Explore the pristine nature of Brijuni National Park, a haven of biodiversity. Our cruise takes you around the islands, giving you the chance to swim in crystal-clear waters and learn about the area’s rich history, including dinosaur footprints and Roman ruins. Embark on this eco-adventure from the Brijuni Cruiser page.

Maritime Excursion to Italy

Experience the allure of Venice in a single day with our luxury boat transfer. Depart from Rovinj and cross the Adriatic Sea to reach Venice in just 3 hours. Enjoy onboard refreshments and a guided tour around iconic Venetian landmarks such as St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Customize your day to cover the aspects of Venetian culture you’re most interested in. Start your Venetian journey from the Full Day Cruise to Venice page.

For Time-Savvy Mariners

If you’re pressed for time but still want to experience the luxury of the Adriatic, our half-day cruises are perfect. Enjoy all the amenities and services of our full-day tours, but in a condensed format. This option is ideal for those who want a taste of sea life without spending an entire day on the water. Plan your quick escape on the Indulge in Luxury page.

Sunset Cruiser

For those who love the magical moments just before nightfall, our sunset cruise offers a breathtaking experience. Departing from Rovinj Marina, this two-hour cruise lets you enjoy the Adriatic’s golden hour—perfect for couples seeking a romantic setting or photographers aiming to capture stunning seaside shots. Catch the sunset magic from the Sunset Cruiser page.

Rent a Boat in Rovinj: Pricing Information

All our tours are priced based on the season and specific details chosen by you, such as the type of tour and any additional services you may request. Prices start from as low as €500 for an off-season sunset cruise. For more detailed pricing information, please visit the individual tour pages linked above or view all options on our Luxury Boat Tours page.

Ready To Explore The Best Of Croatian Coast?

Skipper and hostess on The Black Pearl, Colnago 35 yacht from Lux Nautic

We offer tailor-made luxury speed boat day trips from Rovinj, Poreč And Pula for sightseeing and swimming at secluded bays and stunning islands reachable only by boat.

Relaxing on a boat, exploring hidden beaches, diving in a big blue sea or a lunch in exquisite places. You can have it all. Book your next summer adventure.